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Chronomentrophobia: Fear of Clocks

April 21, 2011 by

RemembTHE CROC!er Peter Pan? If you remember Peter Pan, you must remember Captain Hook. AND, if you remember Captain Hook, there is a huge chance you remember that crocodile. Somethings I remember from that movie: Tinkerbell is a brat and why the heck is Captain Hook afraid of that crocodile? I mean he’s not even scary! But when I think way back, I remember that ticking sound, that ticking sound that made Hook twitch, that freaked him out. I literally just found out that he had previously swallowed a clock (thanks Mr. C). By the way, sorry for all these Disney movie references (see last post!).

Chronomentrophobia is the fear of clocks. Captain Hook definitely had that. Did you know that this is one of the most uncommon phobia in the world? Crazy! In my opinion, there are two different parts of this phobia. Part one: You are afraid of the sound that the clock makes. Part two: You are afraid of losing time, and clocks just make it that much worse. And yes, you guessed it. It starts with that childhood drama. You know, I really do feel bad for all you phobiacs out there. You must’ve had a pretty rough childhood.

If you have ever faced an umtimely situation, you’ve  probably started twitching, crying, screaming, moaning, groaning, and even blacking out!

So, if you ever encounter a ticking a crocodile, um, sorry.

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Selenophobia: The Fear of the Moon

March 3, 2011 by

Whenever there is a full moon, I always go to the window in the house with the best view and look up at it. I try as hard as I can to find that “man on the moon”. Sometimes, when I was little, I would tell myself that I could see it, or tell others that just to brag. But I’m sad to say I haven’t quite found the face’s outline yet. But I will. Unfortunately, people with Selenophobia will never get to experience any of the things the moon has to offer.

Selenophobia is the fear of the moon. It’s usually caused by a negative past experience. If not treated sooner or later, this fear can became so irrati0nal to the worrier that they might not ever get to go outside at night! Talk about anti-werewolf and vampire.

On my past posts, a lot of people have asked me, “How can someone not like this?” or, “How can someone be afraid of something as harmless as this?” Well this time, I actually have your answer. Yes, I know this will sound utterly ridiculous, and I dare you not to laugh. People that are afraid of the moon fear it for these reasons: The moon might be full of creatures that behave abnormally. When the moon comes out, evil is unleashed in the world. If you look at the moon, it’s looking back at you, laughing. The moon is very mysterious, therefore, giving off an eerie glow. And finally: It is under the cover of moonlight that so many awful crimes are committed and so many people make so many wrong decisions. So basically, the moon is like a drug. It makes you do bad things, according to Selenophobiacs.

When seeing this orb of light, Selenophobiacs tend to: have air hunger (that’s a fancy word for breathlessness, gold star for me), trembling, nausea, dry mouth, social anxiety (no night clubbing for you, Mr. Selenophobiac!), panic attacks, crying, and obsessive tendancies related to nighttime.

So, if you have Selenophobia, and you want to overcome it, I reccommend facing your fear. Just try looking up at the moon at night. And instead of thinking of monsters up there, it laughing at your face, or whatever the heck you think that a ball of rock is doing, look for the man’s’s surprisingly therapudic.

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One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind

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Iridophobia: Fear of Rainbows

February 1, 2011 by

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day is NOT the case for an iridophobiac. If it was up to them, it would never stop raining! Because what comes after rain. That’s right. You guessed it. Rainbows.

Iridophobia is the fear of rainbows. ROYGBIV. Yeah, that’s not too pretty and colorful and unicorns for them. It’s BIG. It’s BRIGHT. And it’s got SEVEN COLORS.

Most iridophobiacs tend to be afraid of any types of rainbows. Whether it’s the ones that come out of the garden hose, or even some that you see in gasoline puddles, they’re all scary. Even the Northern Lights can give them the creeps!  When the prism effect kicks in, iridophobiacs tend to struggle with an increased heart rate, hyperventilating, uncontrollable crying, sudden anxiety,  light-headedness, and shortness of breath. So if you’re into rainbows or even Pink Floyd, I wouldn’t recommend hanging around a iridophobiac.

Hey, I wonder what would happen if a person with iridophobia saw a DOUBLE rainbow? Hmm….

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